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Lily & Beauty sharing a nest


Tomato, pepper, eggplant, and herb seedlings

150' of onion seedlings

Kirby, our gorgeous Silver Phoenix Rooster

The little Horses

While the weather wants to disagree, spring really is here. The days are longer, the horses are shedding and the grass is green…even if it is under a coating of snow.

The seedlings are crackling with life and growing bigger every day. It’s almost time to transplant the tomatoes and eggplant into bigger pots to get them ready to be planted outside.

Tomato Seedlings


The onions are already looking stronger this year than they were at planting time last year. They will have a few more weeks before they’re ready to be planted so they will be bigger and stronger yet.

Onion Seedlings


It’s hard not to get out there and start planting outdoors right now but patience is so important! The plants won’t do well until the soil warms enough to accommodate them, our heavy clay soil warms more slowly. Planting now would be a mistake as germination would be spotty and plant growth slow. So although it seems counter intuitive we need to slow down to speed up.

That said we are perfectly on schedule and ready to spring into action the second it’s time. I’m ready!

The onions, leeks and shallots received their first ‘haircut’ today. As they grow they become top heavy and start to lay over. Trimming them down to about two inches high keeps them all growing strong and it encourages them to put energy into producing roots.

This week we started the eggplant, peppers and tomatoes under grow lights. So we are right on schedule!

The weather had been so amazing the past few days I’m sure I’m not the only one spending as much time as possible outside. Here on the farm we’ve been cleaning out old flower beds, putting up brand new fencing for the chickens, taking inventory of landscaping tools and supplies and just generally enjoying being outside.

It’s tempting to start thinking about getting flowers for around the place, but it is still way too early. The official last frost date for our area is May 15. Cold hardy plants like pansies don’t mind a little frost, but more sensitive plants need to wait until late May or early June or you will risk losing them completely.

So while it looks and feels beautiful right now, patience is key!


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