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It’s that time of year again! Winter squash has been showing up in the baskets for the last few weeks, and will be with us for several more weeks.

Left to right: butternut, acorn, carnival, and spaghetti squash

Winter squash got it’s name because, unlike summer squash, it can be stored for several months before it needs to be eaten. Unblemished squash with the stem still attached stores the longest.

We do our best to keep the stems attached but sometimes they become dislodged while we are handling them. If you get a squash without a stem, be sure to cook it up soon. You don’t need to eat it right away, you can put the cooked squash in a freezer bag and pop it in the freezer. It’ll be good for at least a year that way.

Butternut squash pie filling

Many of you already know that my favorite thing to do with butternut squash is to make pie. Substitute butternut squash for pumpkin in any pumpkin pie recipe. The result is the best pumpkin pie ever! It tastes like the smoothest sweetest pumpkin you’ve ever had, and it makes sense, they’re in the same family of vegetables. In Australia, butternut squash is known as butternut pumpkin.

Carnival Squash

Carnival squash is more than just a pretty face. It’s glorious autumn colors may have you thinking decoration, but do yourself a favor and try it baked with butter and a touch of brown sugar. I bet you’ll love it!

So what do you do with all that squash? I’d love to hear, email me with your favorite recipe and it might be featured in an upcoming newsletter.

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