I’m not huge on rules and all but there are some safety guidelines you need to follow when visiting the farm.

1. Supervise children at all times.

The farm is fun to visit but there are always dangers from machinery, animals, and other cars coming to pick up their veggies. So always be with your children.

2. Never enter the buildings that house animals or their yards.

Both the horses and the chickens love visitors, but the yards are not safe to wander in. The horses will fight over treats and roosters are always unpredictable.

3. Make sure the treats you bring for the animals are healthy and in reasonable amounts.

i.e. no moldy bread. We want the major source of their nutrition to be their feed, so half a loaf of bread would be a bit much for instance.

4. Don’t take items from other peoples baskets, or the basket itself.

It might seem like it goes without saying but it can happen by accident if you’re turning around looking at the extras we have available you might lose track of which is yours so be mindful.

Also if you want something in particular and you see it in someone else’s basket, don’t take it, just email me and I will make sure you get lots of it. I really don’t mind doing custom orders.

The golden rule always applies. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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