We’re a family farm located in one of the best spots in the Twin Cities, about eight miles straight west of Highway 494 in Corcoran, past Plymouth. We have grown without chemicals for over 30 years.

Each year it is our goal to improve the quality and variety of the produce we deliver to our members. We try new cultivation methods, as well as improved pest control and irrigation. We want to keep our members’ favorites – like those amazing yellow cherry tomatoes and introduce them to even more opportunities in the world of vegetables.

Our other goal this year is to become more efficient and use our resources better. Our new website will be a focal point of information for our members and guests.

5 Responses to “About Crazy Daisy CSA”

  • Karen Arrett:

    Dear Crazy Daisy,

    I Would like to reserve a half share, I live right down the road from you, I will mail in my deposit and my form today.
    I will take a friday share.
    thank you,

    Karen Arrett

  • sheila kosek:

    I just heard about you through a friend. is there a possibility of signing up for the rest of this years growing season? What would be the cost for a 1/2 share?

  • Linnae Bosma:

    Hi — I just found your website in a round-about way through Mercola.com. Can you tell me how much your 1/2 shares are for next year – 2015? I know this is rather early but hey, if I don’t do this now I’ll completely forget! We live very closeby. Thank you!

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