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Update!  Tuesday shares are sold out, we still have Friday shares available.

The signs of spring are upon us. The hens are laying again, the birds are singing, and the fields are finally starting to thaw. That can only mean one thing; it’s time to start thinking of fresh Minnesota grown veggies!

All of our information for the 2013 season is right here!

Crazy Daisy Brochure 2013


The complete list of what we’re growing this year:

Vegetable List 2013


Want to become a member?

subform 2013


We’re looking forward to another great season!

We are now open for applications for new customers for the 2012 season! All of our current Farm information can be found right here.


Our current brochure with the handy guide ‘Is CSA for me?’

2012 Brochure


A comprehensive list of all the different vegetables we’re growing this year.

2012 Vegetable List


And a form you can print, fill out, and mail in if you’d like to join us for the season.

2012 Submission Form


If you have any other questions about the farm or the current season, feel free to email us at

It certainly has been an interesting winter so far. From 5o degrees yesterday to 20 and windy today. Strange, strange! We’ve yet to see how it will end, but we’re planning for all possibilities. The seed order for 2012 is all in. So I’ve uploaded the 2012 Vegetable List.

Among other things, we’re adding gold beets, a new variety of red cherry tomatoes, and an extra early salad tomato to the roster.

Check it out!

Vegetable List 2012

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