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This may be our last week of harvesting, but it sure doesn’t have to be your last week of cooking! Here’s how to make the most of this weeks basket:



Freeze hot and bell peppers:



Make parsley pesto:



Too much Swiss chard? Roast it, crispy and delish!



And as always, our Recipe by Vegetable index is great is you’re looking for something in particular.



An abundance of not so pretty but super ripe tomatoes? Try my favorite roasted tomato soup recipe, it’s divine:



So what was your favorite recipe this season?


Some awesome links to go with this weeks basket.


Parmesan roasted cauliflower



French leek pie



Roasted Carnival Squash with Thai Curry- this one is particularly pretty!


Let’s fire up the oven!

Last week I included some tomatillos in some of the baskets. This very distant tomato relative is a staple in Mexican cooking, it puts the verde in salsa verde. At the farm we use it fresh chopped with cucumbers and onion in this recipe:

Or in enchiladas verdes

They’re good at all stages of development and keep very well. The greener ones have a more tart flavor and the riper yellowish ones tend to be a little sweeter. I usually use a mix of green and yellow for a balanced flavor, but they are fun to experiment with so use whichever you like!

I also got this link from a customer, a perfect happy soup for a chilly day!

I haven’t had a chance to try it but I’m intrigued. Thought some of you may be interested as well.

Angry Chicken’s homemade deodorant recipe. has a variation that is a little firmer and can be used as a stick.




I had a little free time today so I went out to the hives and just sat and watched them. Interesting little creatures!

I took over 200 images but only a dozen were any good, they move so fast! The one above one is my favorite.

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