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Unfortunately, due to this spring’s record breaking rains we are low on available crops. So we will be taking a short break so the garden can catch up. Our next harvests should be

Tuesday July 8

Friday July 11

The good news is we are looking at the setup for our best tomato harvest in years! The plants haven’t looked this good, this early in years. The cucumbers, melons, and squash are all looking amazing. Even with the ridiculous rains this spring we’re looking forward to an excellent season. It’ll just be a little bit later than usual.

Thank you so much for your patience and support!


The zucchini looks amazing!











This 2nd planting of carrots has had an awesome germination rate. That’s the biggest struggle with carrots, so they are past the danger zone.













Your onions have recovered from the flooding and are growing strong













We had to replant the watermelon 3 (!) times but it finally took and look how great they look!











I can’t emphasize enough how good the tomatoes are looking























Look! Little tomatoes!














To have a visual representation of how the constant heavy rain affected the spring crops, here is a photo of our peppers:












The big green ones in the lower left and upper right are transplants we put in this week. The itty bitty things in the upper left and lower right are our transplants we put in over a month ago! They actually got smaller over time. The rain was slowly killing them.



Here’s another comparison:













These are eggplant, again the big plants are transplants from last week, the little ones are from over a month ago. Talk about frustrating!



Back to the positive:











The best news of all; you can expect peas in your next basket!


There is a lot of good stuff coming your way. ;-)


Last week’s weather system dumped over 5 inches on us. We lost the newly sprouted spinach, so that’s a wash for this year (literally). It doesn’t germinate if the soil is too warm, which it now is. :-( We also lost the first planting of carrots, and a few other individual plants, a few tomatoes, tomatillos, herbs, eggplant, squash, peppers, and cucumbers. But I’ve filled in the gaps with new seeds so we should be good.  We also got tomato cages up. Broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, cabbage, lettuce, radishes, beets, greens, and the rest of the zucchini weeded and mulched (whew!) it’s been a busy week!

The only things left on the To Do list are:

Put up fencing for the peas to grow on- they’re about 4″ tall and looking great!

Put in yet another row of beans- we stagger the planting so we can harvest for a longer period of time

Plant onions, shallots, and leeks- they absolutely can’t handle heavy rain so I’ve been putting it off until the weather settles

Plant one last row of potatoes- for later harvest

Mulch squash and melons

In late June/early July we can do another planting of fall crops, turnips, parsnips, more kohlrabi and greens


All weeding is done…for now. If the weather cooperates I will be thrilled to put in the hard days! All we need is for the ground to dry out enough so we can till. We just got another inch tonight so right now it’s too wet to even walk on. A bit frustrating, but pretty typical for Minnesota. Always grateful for the lack of severe weather. :-)

Lovely sunny days with biting winds, and other days where the sky opens up and cold rains come down. Pretty typical spring in Minnesota!

Still we’re getting ready for warmer days and nights when planting will be in full swing. Here are just a few of our seedlings so far this year.

Seedlings 2014

Seedling 2014



Its lovely to walk into the greenhouse and smell the warm earth and new growth. So keep in mind this week when were getting some of that cold rain, that things are growing and we are getting ready for thew 2014 season.  Have a great week everyone!


Last week I included some tomatillos in some of the baskets. This very distant tomato relative is a staple in Mexican cooking, it puts the verde in salsa verde. At the farm we use it fresh chopped with cucumbers and onion in this recipe:

Or in enchiladas verdes

They’re good at all stages of development and keep very well. The greener ones have a more tart flavor and the riper yellowish ones tend to be a little sweeter. I usually use a mix of green and yellow for a balanced flavor, but they are fun to experiment with so use whichever you like!

I also got this link from a customer, a perfect happy soup for a chilly day!

Update!  Tuesday shares are sold out, we still have Friday shares available.

The signs of spring are upon us. The hens are laying again, the birds are singing, and the fields are finally starting to thaw. That can only mean one thing; it’s time to start thinking of fresh Minnesota grown veggies!

All of our information for the 2013 season is right here!

Crazy Daisy Brochure 2013


The complete list of what we’re growing this year:

Vegetable List 2013


Want to become a member?

subform 2013


We’re looking forward to another great season!

After 15 wonderful weeks of amazing fresh produce, we’re announcing the last harvests of the season.

Final Tuesday harvest will be October 2

Final Friday harvest will be October 5

The last baskets will be full of fall goodies like winter squash, potatoes and leeks. And be sure to pick up some green tomatoes for this week’s recipe.

We hope you enjoyed the season’s bounty, stay tuned for news about the upcoming 2013 season!


Patty Pan Squash

It’s not a new addition to our farm, but if you’ve never seen it before it would probably lead you to ask, ‘what IS that?’













Patty Pan squash, also called scallopini, or button squash, is an adorable member of the summer squash family. We grow a light green variety (pictured above) as well as bright yellow and deep green varieties.

It’s used in all the same ways as other summer squash. The smaller ones are a visually interesting addition the your plate steamed whole, and they’re fabulous grilled.

So if you find a bunch of these little beauties in you basket have fun with them!
















Each year I plant a few fennel bulbs. Fennel hails from the sandy shores of the Mediterranean and is widely used in their cuisine.  You may recognize the taste from Italian sausages and meatballs. It’s not a mainstream favorite here, but it’s licorice-y flavor adds some interest to your summer menu.

Customer, friend, and excellent cook Judy recommends this recipe: Provencal pork stew _with fennel_ to get you started with fennel.

We’re excited to announce our first harvests for the 2012 season will be Tuesday June 26 and Friday June 29 after 4:00 PM on each respective day. You can find the newsletters for these harvests by clicking on the links at the top of the page. It has details about how the pick up process works, if this is your first year with us, plus a recipe to get you started cooking this season.

Please note all balances are due at the first harvest. If you have questions about your balance or anything else you can email me at and I’d be happy to help you.

We’re looking forward to a great season! See you soon!

We’ve been busy this week, seeding all of our spring crops and over 600′  of potatoes that will keep us in the spuds for the summer.

Potatoes, planted and mulched













We use extra hay from our fields to mulch the potatoes. It helps conserve water by hindering evaporation from the ground and at the end of the year it’s tilled into the soil, enriching it further.


Pepper Transplant












All of the tomatoes and peppers have been transplanted into bigger pots so they can grow strong and ready to be planted outside when the time is right.


Plants in the Greenhouse












These peppers, eggplant and tomatoes will produce delicious dishes for us all summer long.



We are perfectly on schedule and looking forward to a great season!

Spring is springing along and we’re past due for an update!

In the field, we’ve seeded lettuce, spinach, pac choi and tatsoi, and the rain last night will be sure to help them along. The potato beds are prepped and we will be planting in them this week.

In the greenhouse, I’ve transplanted all the tomatoes into bigger pots so they will be big and healthy when the weather warms up enough to plant them out. Peppers and eggplant are scheduled to be transplanted into bigger pots this week as well.












Don’t they look great? We are right on schedule for planting and everything is looking good!

In other farm news, ‘Bee Guy’ Dustin has been out to check on the hives and says the bees made it through the winter in good shape. It’s an early season for them and they are feasting on tree pollen right now. Don’t know about you, but I didn’t know bees gathered tree pollen, so there’s an interesting tidbit.

The chickens has been loving the early spring weather as well.

Enjoying the Sun












If you’ve never seen a sunbathing chicken before you might be thinking something’s wrong with this picture, but chickens know the best way to enjoy the sun is by stretching flat out to soak up as much as possible. It’s funny to watch them scattered across the yard fanning out their feathers in complete relaxation.

I hope you’re enjoying spring as much as they are!

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